About themakingofit

The making of it is an international exhibition showcasing 14 artists from Scotland, Turkey, Switcher-land, Malta and Greece. The exhibition will run from 14th of June until the 28th at the old Ambulance depot. The exhibition will be comprised of a permanent show three days of events including performances and two live workshops. We will develop an online blog where the progress of the exhibition will be recorded. The making of it is an exhibition that will incorporate works that use process as their vital ingredient, whether concerned wit the material the social or the political. We have invited artists to submit new work that will instigate playfulness whilst constructing a fertile ground for communication with the audience. The work will be curated by: Augustus Veinoglou, Scott MacCracken, Allan Robertson

Installation – and a sneak preview!

Here we are installing the show. Take a look to find out what you can expect to see when the show opens this Saturday evening 16th June, 6-9pm at the Old Ambulance Depot, 77 Brunswick Street Leith. Hope to see you there!