‘Die Veranstalter’

‘Die Veranstalter’ was a live performance by Swiss artists Dominik Lipp and Bruno Schlatter sent over Skype from their native Switzerland and formed part of ‘The Making Of It’s opening night.

The performance involved a member of the audience assuming the role of the player in a game, rolling two differently coloured dice.  The board for the game was in Switzerland and consisted of 6×6 squares.  The resulting throw would determine what square of the board the player landed on.  On the reverse of each square was an instruction read aloud by the Swiss artists and the player had to follow this instruction.  Each of the instructions revolved around drawing onto the projection of the Skype call and the live image of the Swiss artists started to form part of a larger drawing.

The performance lasted for 10 minutes.

The MC for the performance was exhibition co-curator Augustus Veinoglou.

Photography and videography by Scott McCracken and Kate Livingstone.


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